Introducing China's biggest EV manufacturer to Europe

Context / brief

For the European introduction of Chinese car manufacturer BYD and it’s fully electric Atto3 at the Paris Motor Show, automotive campaign and content specialist Mayster was asked to develop the TVC, Campaign Photography and Campaign identity. The task was to introduce the world’s largest combined EV/ PHEV manufacturer in way that would resonate with it’s new European audience and convey the undisputed quality of this (for Europe) relatively unknown giant.


A big part of the solution would be to focus on building trust with the new European audience. Present ourselves as the reliable solid brand that BYD is. The campaign identity and graphical approach was based around BYD’ groundbreaking Blade Battery technology. The safest and most reliable on the market today. It’s lines becoming a distinctive feature in communication. Outdoor photography at a total of 25 images plus the TVC were shot simultaneously in and around Barcelona over a 4 day period. Adding a familiar European touch. The result was a highly successful campaign that exceeded expectations.

Director: Mike Roelofs
Photography and Post Production: Gijs Spierings
DOP: Richard Spierings

Art Direction for TVC, Outdoor and Studio Photography / Campaign identity design
agency / Client
Mayster / BYD Europe
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