Teaching cars about people

Context / brief

Audi's Autonomous Intelligent Driving, or AID in short, was Audi's autonomous driving division developing software for the driverless era. How do you teach cars about the behaviour of the people and their unpredictabilities it has to deal with while driving on the roads. Like all tech developers they were looking for the best developers out there. The question was how do you differentiate from the competitors and create a new identity that's appealing and distinctive within the category and has the ability to attract the right talent.


The answer was an identity and campaign that was focused around the human part of what needs to be achieved while others were mostly talking about the tech. A bold vibrant identity with a logo based on the building blocks we remember from our childhood. The Communication concept and imagery tapping into the the main outtake.... Help us teach cars about People.

Visual identity
agency / Client
Alchemy / Audi
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